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KAFF - Wild Allies

For thousands of years, falconry has been central to the life and culture of Arabia. Wild Allies takes a look at the fascinating history of falconry, from its origins as a hunting method in the desert to its renewed prominence today.

KAFF - Wild Allies: Video

You probably have seen this image before, a man standing in a desert with a falcon on his arm. This image holds a deep and long story of survival that is deeply rooted in the culture of this region.

Today and through this documentary you will be getting a crash course in falconry, an art form that stretches back to 5,500 years when the first Arab trained the first wild falcon on values of trust, loyalty and mutual quest for survival. 
Today, in an effort to revive this cultural legacy, Saudi Arabia is celebrating falconry through a racing event like no other with entertainment and cultural exchange at the heart of it all. 

KAFF - Wild Allies: Video
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