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Roadster Diner - The Black Burger

In July 2015 popular Lebanese casual-dining chain Roadster Diner introduced a new black burger. The burger is the same as any other, except for the black bun. As this is the only differentiator, we focused on the blackness of the burger for the launch campaign. We created a main visual composed of a simple illustration of a pair of hands on a full black background, using the negative space in between them to shape the burger. We adapted this visual into a series illustrating different reason to try the black burger, all of which are absurd and focus on the blackness of the burger. The different visuals reference trends within the country and familiar international pop-culture. Each visual is targeted to a specific age group and as a whole the series is identifiable to Roadster’s entire customer base, ranging from age 16 to 60.

Roadster Diner - The Black Burger: Video

Prints & Posters

Black Burger A3 RGB-01.jpg
Black Burger A3 RGB-06.jpg
Black Burger A3 RGB-04.jpg
Black Burger A3 RGB-05.jpg
Black Burger A3 RGB-03.jpg
Black Burger A3 RGB-02.jpg
Roadster Diner - The Black Burger: Gallery

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