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Touch - Lebanon's Independance Day

Lebanon, is a country that is always one brick away from being divided. And so, when on Nov 4th, 2017- 2 weeks before Lebanon celebrates it’s 74th year of independence - the Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad el Hariri, suddenly resigned while in Riyadh, it left the country in a state of unrest, uncertainty and confusion. Touch Lebanon’s leading mobile operator, and facilitator of the country’s future, decided to act fast and to send a message of unity to all the Lebanese on Independence Day with a film that embodies hope, unity, strength in solidarity and inclusion. The film brings celebrities, different entities and everyday people in one parade.

In less than 1week:
- 3M views on Social Media
- Most shared Independence Day film in Lebanon ever
- 98% positive sentiment and engagement with the Touch brand vs. the usual 85% negative comments about the brand on social media
- 15% increase in social media followers for the Touch brand
- Video was leaked a day before the launch and became a viral whatsapp film that people kept on sending to each other

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